Discover how to get added value from your testing results

June 28, 2023

In today’s fast-paced and ever-evolving business landscape, discovering your company’s unique competitive advantage has become more crucial than ever. One way is by identifying and crystallizing your added value based on scientific testing.


Gaining better visibility for your testing results

How can your scientific testing results be used better to catch the attention of testing engineers, the R&D team or the top management? How can you translate these results into the true competitive advantage your organization offers to its customers?

Solar Simulator offers a wide range of training courses to help you learn how to add more value with your testing results.

We offer interactive, high-quality, knowledge-based training courses based on the real-life examples from our participants. We believe that learning is most effective when it is based on practical applications. This approach ensure that our training courses are not just theoretical but give actionable next steps that can be immediately implemented to enhance competitiveness.

The goal of each of our training courses is to provide new perspectives on how to better use testing and research results to improve competitiveness and even create competitive advantage. Testing is not merely a box to be checked but a strategic tool that can unlock new possibilities. We can show you how.

Training brought to you

Solar Simulator is bringing its popular training programs directly to customers. This offers you a convenient and accessible experience to learn how to gain more added value from your testing results.

You can now benefit from our immersive, hands-on courses delivered right at your own facilities or in another convenient location nearby.

5 tailored programs to choose from

1. Creating value from scientific testing for your entire organization

Take full advantage of your testing work. The goal of this 3-hour course is to discover new perspectives on testing results and provide tools to use the results throughout your entire organization.

2. Company-specific training

We can also tailor a course specific to your needs to help you unleash your true potential. Choose between our facilities in Littoinen, Finland, or your own facilities.

3. Fundamentals of weather testing

This 6-hour technical training course teaches you about the standards related to solar radiation, UV and weather testing. This training is intended for product managers, product development, design and test engineers.

4. Ensuring your product’s weather resistance

The outcome of this workshop is a deeper understanding of how your product’s weather resistance can be ensured through strategic testing. We will focus on identifying those properties of your product that are key to its competitiveness and brainstorm on how to communicate its competitive advantages.

5. Identifying and crystalizing competitive advantage

During this company-specific workshop, we will work together with you to identify those factors that affect your customers’ purchasing decisions. As a result of this workshop, you get tools to create value for your customers in an unprecedented way.

We are now bringing our training programs to the UK!

During this summer, we will be contacting our customers there to see if company-specific in-house training or general training for multiple companies held at a convenient central location would be more beneficial.

Looking forward to speaking to you to get your opinion soon!

Now you can strengthen your competitiveness and crystalize your competitive advantage – find out more today!

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