Testing technology

Questions and needs arisen from our customers set the framework of the technology we use

The versatile use of technologies is based on our profound skills, comprehensive set of measurement equipment, and independence of test chamber manufacturers.

To simulate the natural solar radiation, we use metal halide lamps, xenon lamps and a combination of lamps. UV radiation source is selected according to the desired spectral region, i.e. UVA or UVB, and the intensity, which is adjustable from low indoor illumination levels to multiple outdoor levels. We are able to control and record the spectrum and intensity of the radiation we generate.

Our flexibility in the corrosion testing is based on our test device development. We have control over all the spraying parameters. Even harsh chemicals can be applied in a controlled way.

We have a wide variety of optical measurement equipment, especially applicable for monitoring the changes in samples occurring in the accelerated weather tests and controlling the exposure conditions. We use e.g. spectroradiometers, precision pyranometers and spectrophotometers. Our measurement range in wavelength scale is from 190 nm to 20 microm.

We use a technology most suitable for the specific test to find out the information of our customer’s primary interest. Each test procedure can be designed according to the expected end-use conditions of the product.