Test results provide a competitive edge

Truth marketing has replaced image marketing

Increasing share of consumers are becoming aware in multiple ways. They even actively look for factual information to support their buying decisions. In addition to information, they also want a variety of evidence to verify the truth of all that is being told. The same phenomenon is strong in b-to-b business too. If a company’s claims prove to be dishonest, the company’s brand, turnover, contribution margin and result will suffer.

Companies can increase the transparency of their operations and – instead of building images – start leading the way with truth marketing based on facts. The contributors to the web’s discussion columns and other uncontrolled channels can otherwise direct consumers to whichever direction.

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We provide tools for marketing eg. to speed up sales, insightful trainings eg. collaboration between marketing and R&D, and effective workshops including buying process modeling and highlighting or building your company’s competitive edge.

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Our concept in nutshell

1) Show as much information, research and test results as possible in an open and transparent manner.

2) Define relevant testing and research information for end-customers’ buying behaviour. Talk and post about them.

3) Get any missing research results and other information your customers want

4) Keep your organization up to date and adapt to the changing of your customer needs

Transparency is based on real factual knowledge

We have broadened our own thinking from the 4P model to the 4T model (Transformation, Transparency, Truth, Trust), to which for example Diane Martin, Associate Professor of Marketing at Aalto University, has referred. The model creates a conception about how business and culture will meet in future. The most important factors in that are transparency and truth. The model is a great practical tool for strategic marketing.

Operational environment undergoing transformation

Marketing forms the point where business and culture meet. We are becoming more and more aware of the problems facing our globe; therefore, business must adapt accordingly.” Associate Professor Diane Martin, Kauppalehti, 11 March 2013

As a consequence of fast information flow, demands for transparency have appeared. People have seen injustice and exploitation, and that has created a crisis of confidence”. “She believes that right now there is a huge demand for trust and confidence.” LOHAS (Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability) consumer. Jaana Haapala, Ekonomi magazine, January/2013

The importance of companies’ own web-pages (as a channel for information search) continued declining.” Päättäjätutkimus (in English: ‘Study on Decision-Makers’) 2013, TNS Gallup PäättäjäAtlas 2013

The latest research results indeed highlight the importance of Internet and social media as channels for information search.” “The purchase process of buyers has therefore undergone transformation, but many sales organizations still follow the same traditional recipe.” Kauppalehti’s blog, 26 February 2014, Johan Flykt

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