Functional Test

Functional testing ensures faultless operation of the product even in strenuous conditions.

The testing is usually carried out in different conditions of solar radiation, temperature and moisture, but when neccessary we can also add other stresses such as chemical stress or air pressure changes to a test. In functional testing, exposure durations typically are short, from some hours to a few days. The stress of the product can be based on a certain standard, for example on IEC 68-2-x or MIL810x, or the stress can be tailored in accordance with the product’s real operation conditions.

Extreme testing conditions have included vehicle cabin tests in ‘desert conditions’ or ‘in a deep mine’, weapon tests ‘at the altitude of 11 km’ and mechanical operation tests ‘at the depth of 30 meters in sea water’. The products being tested are often at their development phases, but also products already in the markets are tested.

The outcome of the test is a verification that the product functions well in the conditions tested or information about what property of the product could still be improved.