Environment and Ageing Analysis

To get reliable test results, a survey of the future use environment of the product or material is used as a background support. In addition to the environmental condition, also the business environment and the end customer’s requirements and even the ‘modus operandi’ can affect the testing to be carried out.

The environment and ageing analysis provides information about essential stress factors that affect the ageing and functioning on the product in real use conditions. We have access to a large climatic database covering the different parts of the globe. The data and calculation models of that database are utilized inthe selection and design of the testing method.

As the outcome of environment and ageing analysis a proposition about a suitable testing method for accelerated weather testing and for the results that can be achieved with it emerges.

Figure: For example, the colour of plastic material very rarely changes evenly with time. The biggest change usually occurs within a short space of time. With time, plastic loses also its mechanical properties. The extent or significance and the corresponding times vary according to materials and products.