Research and product development, accelerated weather testing, tools for marketing

Do you want to ensure the durability or functionality of your product under operating conditions

Solutions for weather testing

Research and test planning. Colour stability. Corrosion resistance analysis. Comparative analysis. Functional testing. Environment and ageing analysis. Optical analysis. Solution for material testing and accelerated weather testing.

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Does your product need UV or solar testing

Testing 24/7

UV and solar tests for materials, structures and products. Tests are based on specific standard, IEC MIL, ISO, ASTM, DIN etc . Colour, gloss, reflectance and transmittance measurements. Actions and reporting based on ISO/IEC 17025

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“Solar Simulator could provide us with ‘hard-to-get’ optical verifications with mechanical testing. They are very easy and flexible to work with.”

– Lindsay Meaking,
Technical Director at Kent Periscopes, UK